Accommodation on Waiheke Island Auckland 

Find Accommodation on Waiheke Island in Auckland With us

If you have never been to Waiheke Island, and only recently moved to Auckland, you are in for a treat. We offer accommodation on Waiheke Island near Auckland, for the ultimate secluded break away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Problems Visit Waiheke Holiday Homes Addresses 

Planning a holiday can be rather stressful, especially if you don’t know the area you’re going to or what to expect when you arrive. We make it easy for you: 

  • How to get there. Being an island on its own, you need to be aware of how to get onto the island. We have a few options and contact details available for you for easy access. Options include a passenger ferry, seaplane, helicopter, vehicle ferry or a sea shuttle.

  • What to do there. We suggest to bring your car along, or you can rent one on the island. Adventure activities you may find exciting include fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and ziplining. Experience olive farming or a vineyard if you want to wind down from the day’s activities.

  • Tours. We know the touring companies on the island and can organise tours to the vineyards, olive oil producers and the scenic island spots that will leave you breathless. We can arrange for tours from your accommodation at Waiheke Island near Auckland. 

What You Can Expect from Visit Waiheke Holiday Homes 

Waiheke Island is quite a big place, and there are many spots you can choose from when you need accommodation in Waiheke, close to Auckland, we have holiday homes all over the island to give you the best options. 

  • Onerea. On the Northside of the island lies Onerea and Little Onerea. We offer holiday homes within 15 minutes’ walk from the main town and beach. This retreat is the perfect romantic getaway with a spa, fireplace, and spectacular ocean views for you to relax fully and unwind.

  • Sandy Bay. When on holiday you may prefer to go with a group of friends, in which case our Sandy Bay or Ostend accommodation may be perfect for you with BBQ space and a fire pit. The facilities are all you need for a relaxing holiday and creating new memories to treasure.

  • Palm beach. One of the most beautiful beaches on the island is just a five-minute walk away from our duplex apartments, perfect for couples who still want their privacy but share the holiday with their friends. 

Whatever your holiday accommodation needs and expectations are, we are sure that our variety of holiday home choices will suit your needs and more to give you the best Waiheke experience. 

About Visit Waiheke Holiday Homes 

We know what it takes to make a holiday memorable. We believe in the little things, from quality linen to appliances and décor in the homes, to spa facilities or communal entertainment areas. Our holiday homes have that special touch that will make you want to return to create more memories. In the case of double booking or any incident that renders your home unliveable, we have a full money-back guarantee. Contact us to see what we have available, and we can discuss your needs and requirements further. 

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