Family Accommodation Waiheke

Choose From A Variety Of Family Accommodation In Waiheke

You have had the discussion, worked out your budget, and you are ready to book your family accommodation in Waiheke Island for your next family holiday. You don’t need to look any further as we have a variety of choices and activities, we can offer you. 

Tips Regarding Holiday Accommodation in Waiheke Island

If you are a first-time visitor to the island, we can share a few tips with you that will help you decide where to stay or what to do.


One of the options of getting onto the island is via vehicle ferry, which means your car comes with you on the journey. If you are a family and you want to get around the island, we would first recommend that you use public transport. It will be a more exciting experience, and you will get to any place on the island.

  • Walking. The island is 92km2, and the best way to experience the island is by walking. A variety of trails and hiking areas are favoured activities on the island; we even have an annual walking festival

  • Location. Before you book, it is essential to consider the type of holiday you want. Do you want to relax at home with a sea breeze and the sound of the waves, or do you prefer a BBQ and campfire evening while you enjoy the sun on the beach during the day? We have different accommodation options available to suit your needs and budget.

Information is power and the more info you have available before you book or plan your holiday, the better the chances that your holiday will be what you hoped it would. We are knowledgeable about the island and can give you the best advice on activities, tides, and wineries to visit. 

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Waiheke Holiday Accommodation

We cater for everything, you want a wedding venue, cosy winter spot, a beach house, romantic getaway, or a holiday home which welcomes your furry friends. 

  • Personal service. On your holiday stay you may encounter some hiccup, the Wi-Fi doesn’t work, you lock yourself out, have car problems… we provide you with personal, caring service to make you feel at home, knowing we are available to help when you need it.

  • Local knowledge. We can’t possibly rent our holiday homes if we don’t know the island ourselves. We have lived here for ten years and can advise on the best restaurants and vineyards. Your home also has a folio of activities for you to consider and enjoy.

  • Comfort. We know that it is the little things that make the biggest impact. We want you to have the best holiday experience in our accommodation and stock the homes with high quality appliances and luxuries. Little annoyances such as a blunt knife or chipped cup, you won’t find at our homes. 

What to Expect from Visit Waiheke Holiday Homes 

We all know how much planning, investment and excitement goes into an island holiday and from our side we will make sure we do everything we can to ensure that the holiday lives up to your expectations. Contact us to discuss your requirements for the best holiday accommodation in Waiheke. We can accommodate groups, couples, families and even your furry friends on the beach or island.

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